Unlike other girls in the Order, Richaun was refined she didnt wear hand-me-downs, and at clan dances, a long line of boys waited to dance with her. The teenagers sitting in the driveway on South Bonner Circle that afternoon in 2009 knew the operation well. A simple urine test will reveal whether there is an excess of fumaric acid in the urine, if the other, more external symptoms aren't obvious enough. Mary Nelson, 23, tells "Whistleblower" host Alex Ferrer about how she escaped the Kingston clan, also known as The Order, with the help of her boyfriend Bryan. After the wedding, Richaun chose the name Knight randomly a practice designed to prevent prosecutors from proving that men in the Order have multiple wives. (Francisco Kjolseth | The Salt Lake Tribune) Jessica Kingston was wed at age 16 in what she says was a marriage she felt pressured into by her parents and others in a polygamous sect. By the time he was 30, he would have more than 10. Two are nieces. Former Order members remain convinced the Knights stole the gold. The girl, who as an adult would unsuccessfully sue the clan, then walked miles to the nearest gas station, where she called the police. The battle took place in the spiritual pre-existence that Mormons believe all souls come from. I tell her I'm not sure, given the context. Sometimes his father read the Book of Mormon from the pulpit and talked about things regular Christians would recognize, like tithing or repentance. Two of her sisters married their first cousinsmen with whom they share the same grandfather; the sons of their father's second wife, who is their mother's full sister. He no longer believed in the Order, but he knew that leaving would mean being shunned by his own family, and because he had been forbidden from making friends outside the clan, there would be few people in the world he could turn to. I t is often used to treat severe acne. "You had a fairly diverse pool to start with, so only if that went on for a long time within this same population would you see real effects," he told ABC. A retired Arizona law enforcement officer, Browning is the president and founder of the Skinhead Intelligence Network and is in charge of security for the A&E show, where his wife Tawni works as the casting producer. KUTV A large police presence swarmed a well-known polygamous family's property in South Salt Lake Wednesday.A Department of Justice Spokesman Peter Carr confirmed to KUTV that it is involved in . Dawna's younger sister has a little boy with two clubfeet. Something along the lines of, to build a superhuman, if you have four or five defects to get the one good one, its worth it, he recalled. Theyre basically the Utah Mafioso of the white power world, Browning told Intelligence Report. But for their part, The Order and other fundamentalist sects believe the LDS church exists in a state of apostasy for abandoning what they see as a bedrock principle of their faith. If they are money-laundering or making money in support of polygamy and incest, then they probably meet the statute.. If you have as much as one drop of that blood in your veins, says Carl, youre cursed from holding the priesthood.. "Finally exposed in the news, the facts of life inside [the Mormon offshoot Kingston clan's] religious/cult compound are stunning Mormons, Utahans, the nation, and the world. The clan kids from there would come to school not properly dressed for the cold, and they were always getting in fights. His most bizarre beliefs, though, concerned the occult. Thats your Uncle Paul, she said. There lives Ross LeBaron Jr., a descendant of another polygamous sect (separate from the FLDS but quite similar in practice) called the Church of the Firstborn of the Fulness of Times. Andrea grew up in a small two-bedroom home in a Kingston-owned coal Two teenage boys had been spotted entering Rachel Youngs home. In one, Ortell warns that there is a movement afoot that wants to homogenize the people and make one race, by mixing all the races up. As he grew older, Stephen turned out to be as rebellious as his own father had been as a boy. John Daniel Kingston seen here in 1999, pleading no contest to beating his 16-year-old daughter after she attempted to flee an arranged marriage with her uncle David, Kingstons brother. Boys work its coal mine and stack boxes at Standard Restaurant Supply, a massive discount store. "Outside, people don't die that often, and usually they're really old.". Her younger sister Emily thought it was a joke, too, until one day another Order kid told her, We cant play with you because the Tuckers are n------.. Kollene's father, John Daniel Kingston has 14 wives, and she is the fifth of her mother Shirley Hansen's 12 children. Later the Order reportedly bought slot machines from mob-controlled companies. "And she's not the only one; three of her sisters married three of my brothers. We figured it was ours anyway, says Stephen, explaining that the clan hadnt paid the boys for bagging coal. The Brown boys, charged with felony counts of burglary, wrote a letter to their aunt apologizing for stealing the silver in her house. Stephen moved in with his brother. If every generation includes three wives and 30 children, a man can - theoretically - flood a community with over 24 million of his descendants in. But I do have children with other women., Asked if two women named were in fact his first cousins, Young paused, finally replying, I guess Im curious as to what youre trying to get at here.. Another of the cults teachings was that soy can make you gay, an anti-government conspiracy theory popular in some right-wing circles. Women Who Escaped a Polygamist Mormon Cult Share Their Story, the corner of Canyon Street and Jessop Avenue, to express his support for the Bundy family in Oregon, an article published by the ABC news network, the fundamentalist church of jesus christ of latter day saints. Also, the birth certificate usually does not . Still stunned at the sudden loss of their brother, Stephen and his siblings were numb with grief. eu . She called her sister-in-law Patty Kingston, who lived across town. At first, the two boys denied any involvement in the break-in at Youngs house. Or Aunt Martha did, or somebody did. So far, however, despite Shurtleffs efforts, the insular and highly secretive nature of the Order has prevented him from finding sufficient evidence to bring a case strong enough to dismantle the clan. Due to the Kingstons convoluted genealogy, Lu Ann was both his first cousin and his aunt. Fumarase deficiency, however sensationalized, is not the only genetic disorder found here. They also knew that much of the clans wealth was stashed inside the unassuming suburban house on the corner. LGBT people fare little better in the Kingston clan. There was also testimony, during one hearing, that someone in the Kingston clan wanted to blow up the courthouse. Pentecostal Among the polygamous Kingstons, a number of children have been born with birth defects, among them one born with two vaginas and two uteruses but no Outwardly, she appeared to have no sex organs. "How do you keep track of that?" The Kingstons teach that they are descended from Jesus Christ and these incestous marriages are intended to keep the bloodline pure, but instead have resulted in numerous Clan members being born with disabilties or birth defects, and it's not really that surprising to note that at one point during the second season of Escaping Polygamy, one of Health Gap. A simple urine test will reveal. He then severed her index finger, cleaned off the three bones, and carried them with him the rest of his life, believing that the totem kept her spirit with him. There have also been charges made that some plural wives and their children have . Premier Catering: Since 2017- $1,180,000. There is also some overlap with Sovereign citizens, he contends. Consumed with guilt over his brothers death, Stephen lashed out. I could see that the leaders of The Order really did believe we had black ancestors, Ron explained, with Christy next to him, and his adult daughters Emily and Julie nearby. Lost Index. It was a wild place, says Scott Cosgrove, a former detective with the Box Elder County Sheriffs Office, who remembers the ranch as a broken-down spread, guarded by a feral pack of boys who patrolled the fence line from the back of a pickup armed with shotguns. As time passed, his dogma became even stranger. There are also graves lacking any dates whatsoever. The lawyers words call to mind another heavenly curse, described in 2 Nephi, Chapter 5 of the Book of Mormon, where God caused a skin of blackness to come upon a group called the Lamanites, supposedly ancestors of Native Americans. Eventually, I pull up to the corner of Canyon Street and Jessop Avenue, where I find the baby cemetery. Pulling up, he noticed the getaway car parked in front of the house. They did it, says Christian Kingston. Ortell died in 1987, but his progeny continued the polygamy, the inbreeding and the marriages to young female teens that he instituted. The family believed that discipline would rein in the boys and that hard labor would make the girls more supplicant to their husbands back in the city. Within the clan, the pieces started to add up. It is bordered to the north by a well-maintained lot where there sits a stately red brick home with UEP (United Effort Plan, the church trust which is now controlled by the state of Utah in the aftermath of Jeffs' conviction) spelled out in white brick on its south-facing side. Before the call ended, Young insisted that he didnt admit to any kind of incest or anything. When Intelligence Report inquired if Young thought there was anything wrong with first cousins getting married, Young opined that such issues were between the individuals involved and God. By signing up, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy & to receive electronic communications from Vice Media Group, which may include marketing promotions, advertisements and sponsored content. We havent gotten any big U.S. contracts, Young explained. Dont the infant deaths and tales of horrific deformities belie Ortells homespun eugenics? But by 2006, Dr. Theodore Tarby, of Arizona, had discovered at least 20 more children living with the condition in Short Creek, all within just blocks of each other. Recordings of church testimony given by various Kingstons serve as further evidence of the cults bigoted teachings. Knight was born in Salt Lake City, the sixth child of third-generation polygamists. You had to be, like, a son of the prophet to know where it was.. Many children have had birth defects due to this inbreeding. The two groups split when Dawna was growing up. You better check on your gold, Young told her. Former Order members tell of babies being born nearly every week in the church. I dont think theyre organized crime in that regard, but the racketeering statute defines it as any conspiracy or pattern of illegal activity done in concert with others. Only the inner circle knew the hoard even existed, says Christian Kingston, a former Order member. Over the next several years, Stephen bounced from the suburbs of Salt Lake to the clans ranch in Nevada. It's the kids who are disproportionately handicapped as compared to the demographics of any other comparably small town. Because that one is going to be genius-level purity, and thats what The Order is looking for., Photo Credit: AP Images / Leah Hogsten, Pool (John Daniel Kingston); AP Images / Jeffrey D. Allred / Pool (Jeremy Kingston), SPLC is a nonprofit, tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization (EIN: 63-0598743). and last updated 1:46 PM, Feb 24, 2021. Their father rarely came by, and because the nearest town was 18 miles away, the kids forged a fierce bond among themselves. Okay, I have one legal wife, he said. If gay men stay in the closet, they are allowed to remain in the cult as worker bees.. Intelligence Report then read the names of women believed to be his wives four in all. When it comes to racist Sunday school lessons, the polygamous Kingston clan could teach the Ku Klux Klan a thing or two. Some feature more expensive-looking gravestones, and include, beyond names and dates, terms of endearment such as: "Sweet baby girl," "Our son," and "Heaven's very special child." Those affected by the genetic disorder suffer grand mal seizures and often have facial feature deformities and severe mental retardation, with IQs as low as 25. They're given the utmost attention and care because the FLDS faithful believe everything in this life is a test before entering the celestial kingdom, and caring well for all of Heavenly Father's children is part of that test. Structural birth defects are related to a problem with the structure of body parts. Some people say they funneled the money through Mexico. In addition, Vanguard had paid nearly $2 million to a private school linked to the Kingstons called . Tom Sizemore, Heat and Saving Private Ryan Actor, Dead at 61 The clan was reportedly brought to justice by 10 victims, including Blaklyn, in early September. Bad harm. Short and chubby, the Brown boys looked up to the Knight brothers. In 2003, another clan member, Jeremy Kingston pleaded guilty to incest for taking 15-year-old Lu Ann Kingston as his fourth wife. From the outside it seemed like a typical suburban home, offering few clues of the secrets that were contained inside. Theyll do what they need to do to defend whats theirs.. . For fun he and other Order men would go to a park frequented by gay males, looking for victims. $302,500. Brother Elden died of penile cancer in 1948, despite the best efforts of some family members to burn away the cancer using acid. While his dad was running the order from Salt Lake City, Stephen grew up on a cattle ranch called Washakie, near the Idaho border. "It's like any inbred disorder," Tarby says. Another brother, Ben, showed him how to mend fences. Browning sees similarities between The Order and the religion-minded racists of the World Church of the Creator and the Christian Identity movement. As part of a plea bargain, Jeremy spent just one year in prison. But The Order saves most of its bile for blacks and other non whites. The clan believed he had their treasure, and they were sending someone to kill him. Family Tree. Another group of kids called the Lost Boys, who were kicked out of the polygamist cult the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, ended up on the streets of Las Vegas and Phoenix, some turning tricks for drugs like meth and heroin. Those twoand a fifth boyalso suffer from the condition that all of this family's sons were born with: x-linked hydrocephalus. Dawna's eldest son is now dating a Centennial woman whom he recently found out is a distant cousin. Young declined to comment when asked if he practices polygamy. So what about polygamy? Kingston -- the late enigmatic leader and church prophet who built the 1,500-member Kingston clan into a multimillion-dollar business empire while allowing many of his purported 13 wives and dozens of children to survive on government assistance. Like other fundamentalists of that era, he believed the Mormon Church had lost its divine authority when it renounced polygamy in 1890, so he persuaded three other families to join him in establishing their own sect. Boys as young as 14 labored in the workshop. Still more, rather cryptically, feature child-size palm and footprints. The boys were sentenced to two years of probation and taken back into the Order. Eventually, Stephen was sent back to Washakie and was placed under the supervision of his uncle, one of the familys most feared enforcers. While some despised Ben for his apostasy and refused to speak with him, Stephen had remained in touch with his brother. The Intelligence Report is the SPLC's award-winning magazine. A 1999 Salt Lake Tribune article mapped the Kingstons incestuous family tree, quoting one of Ortells 65 kids, ex-Order member Connie Rugg as saying, My father experimented [with] inbreeding with his cattle and then he turned to his children.. Copyright 2023 Penske Business Media, LLC. The FLDS split off from the mainline Mormon (LDS) church in 1890 after the church denounced the principal of plural marriage. October 15, 2002: "There will be a viewing at father's house at 3p.m. Supposedly, LaDonna had a dream wherein it was revealed that anyone who left The Order would be tainted by black blood. But The Orders critics say that cult members see nothing wrong with bilking the government, a time-honored tradition among FLDS sects, gleefully referred to as bleeding the beast.. Family members attribute the defects to the advanced There is no sign. Utahs polygamous Kingston clan mixes incest and white supremacy with old-fashioned capitalism. What is BBC Future? Advance Copy and Printing: Since 2017-$62,450. This is your fault, he thundered, glaring at them. Stephen hangs up and drives home in silence. The Order denies that it encourages racism and homophobia within its ranks. FOX 13 . Kingston taught his followers that they are the literal descendants of Jesus and one of his wives, who had come down to Earth to found a race of chosen people. When one of his favorite wives died, he missed her so much that he dug her up from her grave. Like other teenagers who leave fundamentalist Mormon communities, Stephen was not prepared to enter the world at large. Snow also remembered being taught end-time prophecies, with a cleansing wherein the streets of Salt Lake City would run red with blood. Elden continued the tradition. Seated on a couch, sipping lemonade in his home in a Salt Lake City suburb, he resembles Paul Kingston quite a bit. . Or leave. (Like most kids in the clan, Stephen wasnt told who his father was until he was old enough to be trusted to lie to protect the Order.) Well, my sister had a little baby with a cleft lip; it was her first child and it had a cleft lip and cleft palate, because they were both Jessops, and Jessops are carriers of that gene. Back then, Paul Kingston stood around five feet ten and weighed close to 200 pounds. John Daniel Kingston served 28 weeks after pleading no contest to child abuse following a 1998 episode in which he belt-whipped a girl. They seemed happy, Ron says. The deputy opened the trunk of the Honda, where he found two duffel bags stuffed with silver. When people hear organized crime, they think of mobsters. Mark Shurtleff, the Utah attorney general, has spent years investigating the clan, gathering birth certificates and genealogical data, and has come to believe that the cult is guilty of a long list of crimes, including child labor, tax evasion, welfare fraud, polygamy and the sanctioning of underage marriages to blood relatives. His arms are sunburned and his hands calloused from long days moving the irrigation pipes that water the fields. Then their father said something they never expected. Years of inbreeding have resulted in children born with serious birth defects. I think it scared them.. Those in the Order, Kingston preached, are responsible for building a master race, which is why all marriages are arranged within the original four families that started the cult. There were so many young children who were born with abnormalitiesharelips, club feet, heart valvesthat were they were going to die within a year. The Kingstons operate in a self-contained universe, completely cut off from the outside world. The Knight brothers were driving new trucks, and so were their friends, says Levi Kingston. During an interview with this reporter, Lu Ann Kingston, whose defiance of the cult led to the conviction of her former spiritual husband Jeremy, recalled that Order members saw intermarriage as a way to keep the bloodline pure., All outsiders are considered to be beneath Order members, she explained. His seven sons and two daughters by LaDonna Peterson, the second of his 13 wives, are reputed to be the inner circle that runs the cult. Young is the owner of Desert Tech, a Utah gun manufacturer, which produces sniper rifles and so-called bullpup rifles, The latter, unlike conventional magazine-fed rifles, have shorter barrels, with the guns action located behind the trigger. Like Stephen, the boys were considered troublemakers by the Order and like Stephen, they knew a lot about how the clan handled its money. J.O. The fact that most of the people in the Kingston clan were born into the lifestyle is very key to group think because this is all they know, and some may never question the beliefs even when they age because it has been their whole world all their life. Luke and Scott often visited the home of one of their aunts, Rachel Young. When he noticed that the boys had stopped working, he became enraged. . I'm driving around Short Creek with Alyssawho is in Boise, Idaho, where she is a college sophomorepiped in through the bluetooth-enabled speakerphone in the rental car I'd picked in Las Vegas the previous night. The grift was exposed decades later, in the 1980s, when the clan paid a $350,000 settlement for swindling the government through welfare fraud. Sometimes he parked his immaculately buffed burgundy Ford Thunderbird on the curb, but it was rare to see the man himself. It was also around then that Stephen, at the age of 14, began to see the clan for what it really was. They got married and contacted the . And they are growing. I felt for his pulse, but he was already gone., That night, Paul Kingston arrived at the ranch. Over the years, the Order has armed itself to ward off rivals, and once stalked and intimidated a judge who was meddling in the clans affairs. Elden also instituted the church law of one above the other, requiring members blind obedience to the churchs hierarchy of numbered men, with Elden being Brother Number One. The familys dedication to the principle of polygamy already had been established by Kingstons father, who had three wives. Everyone knows it's happening, few talk about it unprompted, it just sort of..is. Those affected by the genetic disorder suffer grand mal seizures and often have facial feature deformities and severe mental retardation, with IQs as low as 25. "And my oldest daughter, she's 18 and she's dated a couple of my cousins, which makes them her second cousins, and we're like, Eww, that's gross.". His face was crushed, Stephen says now, matter-of-factly, his eyes going blank for a moment. J.O. Their neighbors had no idea that the family were prominent members of the Kingston clan, the most powerful polygamist cult in America and one of the most dangerous. The letter asserts that one of the earliest members of the church was a Native American man and that the Co-op, as it is sometimes called, has been the victim of prejudice and harassment by Utahs majority religion (i.e., the LDS church) because of the formers progressive ideas. Stephens father seemed to marry a new girl every year, each one younger and prettier than the last. In the meantime, the police were closing in on the missing silver. . The son of Pauls sister Rachel herself a daughter of Ortell and LaDonna Kingston Young was the only current member of the Kingston clan, out of the many contacted for this story, who consented to a live, on-the-record interview. Home births and the frequency of miscarriages and still-borns among the Kingstons have led to macabre legends of dead infants buried in Kingston back yards. Now, two years later, Stephen still sleeps with a gun near his bed. According to former Order members, they worked long shifts sorting coal and operating heavy machinery in unsafe conditions. He mandated that children should drink tea brewed from the herb every morning, and that Order members should feed it to their cows. The last infant grave marked in this cemetery is dated 2010; Warren issued an edict from prison banning sex in 2011, so few infants have been born since then (the few babies born each year are the product of institutionalized rape by cult-appointed seed bearers). Concentrated in Salt Lake City, its 10,000 members control more. It was a total spur of the moment thing, Brown says. These conditions are disproportionately common, relative to the size of the general population, in Short Creek. A scrappy white wooden fence runs the length of it along Canyon Street. Kingston is a member of the Order, the largest Mormon polygamist clan in the U.S. Local Policing and Immigration Enforcement, Request for Legal Assistance Economic Justice. It was a grimy, derelict-looking place. Similarly, his older brother John Daniel Kingston has had 14 wives, four of them his half-sisters. The family gathered in the living room. At Washakie, he forced clan children to decapitate cows with chain saws to toughen them up, and sometimes beat the children for some infraction of the Orders rules like forgetting to face the Home Place three times a day and pray. Some children are born blind, others with missing fingernails or undersize heads. Youd show up for a welfare call, or a domestic-abuse call, and it was just real run-down.. Given such incidents, could Order members be a threat to law enforcement? The FLDS believe they are practicing the one true religion as Prophet Joseph Smith intended it to be. Matt Browning seems less sure. Its who I am., To keep the police from prying into the matter any further, the clan also hired a private investigator to track down the missing gold. From a young age, Snow worked for Order companies to help feed his siblings, a responsibility some Kingston men are known to shirk. girl, born to John Ortell and Isabell Johnson, was not the product of an incestuous marriage. Accounts of clan babies being born with congenital defects and other problems abound, including dwarfism, albinism and children born minus fingernails or without genitals. The boys also bought cigarettes wholesale through a small clan-owned market run by their older brother and sold them at school. Every now and then, as hes driving around the ranch, his phone will ring. Stephen didnt know what the law said he only knew that the people he loved were being abused and exploited by his own father. Come and get me, Stephen said. One of the Orders leaders did jail time for severely beating his own daughter after she fled an arranged marriage to his brother. Once free of the cult, Lu Ann, Allison and other ex-Order members have had to unlearn the hatred that was drilled into their heads. Somehow LaDonnas curse was transferred to the Tuckers via Christy, Rons wife, because, Christys mom left The Order and married an Irishman, before leaving him and returning to the fold. The clan avoids hospitals, believing government-backed doctors might inject them with a mysterious disease or demand birth records exposing the Order's lifestyle. took great pains to never show his wealth and taught his followers to do the same. He charged across the field and started brutally beating Stephens cousin. Johnson also acknowledged hearing family lore dating to the Depression era of Order families burying fetuses from late-term miscarriages on their respective properties.. He snapped the padlock on the first crate and began stuffing the silver ingots into duffel bags, lugging them back out to the waiting Honda. All I like to do is work on cars and hang out with friends and ride my ponies, he wrote one night on his MySpace page. And, because this cult is so tight-knit and averse to strangers, the gene pool is rather limited. The baby cemetery is a mess of overgrown weeds and dry, cracked dirt, home to hundreds of infant and toddler-size graves, not all of them marked. KUTV When several businesses inside the Kingston polygamist empire, including Washakie Renewable Energy, was raided by federal agents Wednesday, officials where tight lipped. Another is a first cousin. I dont really have too many friends, but the ones I do, I wouldnt trade for anything., Among Stephens friends were two of his cousins, Luke and Scott Brown. Ex-order members interviewed by the Intelligence Report generally agreed with the characterization of the Kingston clan as a hate group.. If both parents carry the gene, the likelihood that their. He didnt have anyone to help him process what had just happened., Taking advantage of his status as a son of the prophet, Stephen began bending the rules even further. Immune Response. Ive lived a good life. Sometimes, lying in bed at night, he thinks of his brother who died not far from here, and the rest of his siblings who remain in the Order. spring boot async logging logback,

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