FOR PROJECT COORDINATION PURPOSES, THE PERMITTEE MUST CONTACT THE RESIDENT ENGINEER FOR THE NYCT SECOND AVENUE SUBWAY PROJECT PRIOR TO COMMENCING WORK. Note: All distances indicate measurements from nearest edge of any object to closest edge of vault. (212) 839-8856, The Bronx Outlined below are the basic application procedures for Building Operations/Construction Activity Permits. There are separate permit applications for governmental work, Canopy Permits, and permit renewals and re-issuance, all of which are explained later in this chapter. United States Department of Transportation, Book of Standards for Highways and Incidental Structures, Construction and Traffic Standard Details, Design Standards and Specifications Drawings, PDF, DGN (freely available login required), PDF, DGN (individual division details also available). THIS PERMIT IS BEING ISSUED WITH THE UNDERSTANDING THAT THE PERMITTEE IS RESPONSIBLE FOR FULL INTERSECTION RESTORATION AS AGREED TO WITH THE BOROUGH ASHO'S OFFICE. Fax: 718-584-8628, Brooklyn ALL OVERDIMENSIONAL CRANE/TRAILERS REQUIRE AN ADDITIONAL PERMIT FROM THE NEW YORK CITY DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION DIVISION OF BRIDGES. WORK SOUTHBOUND ONLY. MAINTAIN 2 LANES NORTHBOUND AND 1 LANE SOUTHBOUND FROM 4PM-6PM M-F. THE SIGN MUST BE PLACED AT A HEIGHT OF 7 TO 10 FEET AND STATE THE STREET TO BE CLOSED AND THE DATES AND TIMES OF THE CLOSURE. THIS STIP IS USED FOR WORK IN NUMEROUS LANES AND THROUGHOUT THE LENGTH OF A BLOCK. The contact information and hours of operation for all Permit Offices can be found in Appendix C, NYC DOT Contact Information. FULL CURB TO CURB RESTORATION WILL BE REQUIRED FOR THE ENTIRE LENGTH OF THE WORK. DOT Street Lighting's, Permeable Interlocking Concrete Paver (PICP), Illuminating Engineering Society of North America. WORK IN ACCORDANCE WITH OCMC STIP SHEET AND ALL VALID AMENDMENTS WHICH MUST BE ATTACHED TO THIS PERMIT AND ON SITE. Any work is subject to suspension during an NYC DOT-issued. There is no fine associated with a Sidewalk Violation. A CRIA statement is required if the closure is expected to last for more than 180 consecutive calendar days, as set forth inSection 2-16 of the Highway Rules. 59 Maiden Lane, 37th floor Further information on responding to Orders may be found in the Highway Rules, Section 2-02(e). These policies and the Manual's presentation of permit procedures are designed to deliver higher quality street surfaces, fewer transportation capacity reductions and a more efficient construction environment to the people and businesses of New York City. Existing InfrastructurePermittees must not remove parking meters, traffic signs, street lights, street furniture, and similar items unless authorized on the permit. Copy of E.I.N. PRIOR TO BEGINNING ANY WORK, TO ENSURE THAT YOU RESTORE IN-KIND, YOU MUST CONTACT THE NYC TRAFFIC PLANNING DIVISION TO OBTAIN THE CONSTRUCTION AND MARKING PLANS FOR SPEED REDUCER INSTALLATION AND ANY SIGNAGE ASSOCIATED WITH THE REDUCER. If these applications are successful, solar lighting could reduce the amount of time without street lighting after major flood events. Street excavations also adversely affect the condition of the streets, reducing the number of years the pavement would otherwise be expected to remain in good or excellent condition following resurfacing or reconstruction, and increasing repair and life cycle costs for the city. Under the surface, the same streets support the city's water, sewer, power and telecommunications infrastructure, as well as its subway tunnels and building vaults. CONTAINMENT ONLY TO RESRTICT PARKING AND FOR STORAGE OF EXCAVATED MATERIAL/FILL. SPECIAL PROCEDURES TO FOLLOW WHEN RESTORING TRENCHES IN RECENTLY PROTECTED RECONSTRUCTED ROADWAYS: 1. Questions regarding permit registration or application processes can be directed to any Permit Office. The applicant submits a completed Canopy Authorization Application, which must include the following: Written approval from the owner of the property to which the canopy will be attached. WORK ALLOWED 7 PM TO 6 AM NIGHTLY. Canopy permits are generally taken out by building owners, business owners, and canopy installers. 30-30 Thomson Avenue, 4th Floor Permits In order to perform work in the street, it is necessary to obtain a permit from NYC DOT. A 4' X 4' FIXED ORANGE CONSTRUCTION SIGN WITH 5" BLACK LETTERING MUST BE PLACED A MINIMUM OF 7 CALENDAR DAYS PRIOR TO CLOSURE AT A LOCATION ENTERING THE STREET TO BE CLOSED. THIS STIP IS USED FOR WORK THAT FALLS BETWEEN LANES AND REQUIRES THE CONTRACTOR TO RESTORE THE ROADWAY FROM 1' PAST THEIR RESTORATION TO THE NEAREST CURB FOR THE LENGTH OF THEIR WORK. DESIGNATED AS A FULL DEPTH CONCRETE ROADWAY THAT MUST BE RESTORED IN KIND AS PER DOT STANDARD SPECIFICATION #1042A&B. TO FRI. OTHER TIMES OCCUPY 11 FEET ADJACENT TO SOUTH CURB ONLY. Each canopy maintenance permit expires one year after the date of issuance, unless revoked sooner by NYC DOT. Suspension of Application Review NYC DOT may suspend the review of applications for permits pending: Refusal to Issue Permit NYC DOT may refuse to issue a permit to an applicant: Voiding and Reissuing of Permits. Street lights and signals at corners must be sited so that they do not obstruct pedestrian ramps, ensuring sufficient access to the sidewalk for all pedestrians, including those using mobility devices. Sub title REVISED DRAWINGS COVERING PEDESTRIAN RAMPS Agency Design and Construction, Department of (DDC) Additional creators DDC & DOT Subject Traffic Safety Transportation Streets and Highways Report type 280 Broadway, 3rd Floor A SEPARATE 221 PERMIT IS NOT REQUIRED FOR CAPITAL/GOVT PROJECTS. 4.13 C OF THE DEPT. New York City streets include a complex mix of assets such as electric, gas, telephone, cable, water, sewer and steam lines, requiring coordination among the different asset owners when street work is performed. NO NOISY OPERATIONS BETWEEN 12:01 AM AND 7:00AM. SIDEWALK RESTORATION AT THIS LOCATION REQUIRES SIDEWALK STANDARD 4.13C. 130 Stuyvesant Place, 6th Fl. OF BRIDGES: UPON INITIAL INSTALLATION OF A CANOPY, THE PERMIT TO MAINTAIN A CANOPY SHALL BE PLACED ON HOLD UNTIL A FINAL INSPECTION DETERMINES CANOPY WAS INSTALLED AS PER SUBMITTED PLANS. THIS PERMIT IS BEING ISSUED WITH THE UNDERSTANDING THAT THE PERMITTEE IS RESPONSIBLE FOR EXTENDED TRENCH MORE THAN REGULAR CUT-BACK AS AGREED TO WITH THE BOROUGH ASHO'S OFFICE. TWO HUNDRED TWENTY OF THE LABOR LAW, PAID TO THOSE SO EMPLOYED. Municipal Building Concrete (CON) hold All permits issued to work on concrete portions of the roadway are automatically placed on hold until a HIQA inspector performs an inspection of the work site to establish existing conditions before work begins. A sidewalk is the portion of a street, intended for the use of pedestrians, between the roadway and adjacent property lines. PROVIDE 5 FEET FOR PEDESTRIANS ON SIDEWALK OR IN CURB LANE. A VMS BOARD MUST BE PLACED A MINIMUM OF 7 CALENDAR DAYS PRIOR TO CLOSURE WITHIN A LEGAL PARKING SPACE ENTERING THE STREET TO BE CLOSED. All active permits in the affected area(s) are suspended during the dates and times of the embargo period and no new permits may be approved, unless a waiver for the work is granted by OCMC. PERMITTEE SHALL NOT MOVE, DAMAGE OR DISRUPT THE OPERATION OF THE STATION. NYC Parks & Recreation back to top N New York 811, Inc. AFTER WORKING HOURS MINIMUM OF 5 FEET OF SIDEWALK MUST BE MAINTAINED FOR PEDESTRIANS IN BOTH CASES. CONTRACTOR MUST NOTIFY THE ALLIANCE FOR DOWNTOWN NEW YORK 120 BROADWAY SUITE 3340 NEW YORK, NEW YORK 10271 212-566-6700, AT LEAST 3 BUSINESS DAYS PRIOR TO STARTING WORK. OCCUPY 15 FEET OF E/S CURB LANE. SPECIFICATION. NYC ADMINISTRATIVE CODE, 19-142, WORKERS ON EXCAVATIONS: A PERSON TO WHOM A PERMIT MAY BE ISSUED, TO USE OR OPEN A STREET, SHALL BE REQUIRED, BEFORE SUCH PERMIT MAY BE ISSUED, TO AGREE THAT NONE BUT COMPETENT WORKERS, SKILLED IN THE WORK REQUIRED OF THEM, SHALL BE EMPLOYED THEREON, (CONT. The applicant may be required to address the circumstances of a hold before a permit is released. The list of protected streets is updated daily and is accurate as of the previous business day. APPLICANT SHALL NOT PLACE CONTAINER IN A WAY THAT CONFLICTS WITH OTHER PERMITTED CONSTRUCTION ACTIVITIES ON THE SAME BLOCK.PERMITTEE MAY BE REQUIRED TO REMOVE CONTAINER IMMEDIATELY UPON NOTIFICATION BY NYCDOT OR AUTHORIZED GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEE. COMPLY WITH DOT STANDARD #H1042C. PLEASE CONTACT THE NYC DEPARTMENT OF ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION (. After obtaining HIQA's authorization, the applicant will be referred to the Permit Office in the borough in which the canopy will be located. IT IS THE PERMITTEE'S RESPONSIBILITY TO COORDINATE WITH DDC'S WALL STREET WATER MAIN PROJECT EIC AT (212)791-8170 PRIOR TO BEGINNING A WORK OPERATION. The ASHO in each borough releases Capital Project In-House (CPI) holds and Street Arterial Maintenance (SAM) holds. 1 Bronx River Parkway THIS STIP IS USED FOR WORK IN AN INTERSECTION. A single PDF of the 619 Standard Sheets is available at the . Additional requirements are contained in Sections 2-02 and 2-11 of the Highway Rules and should be consulted before any work is performed on the street. When a need exists to develop special details similar to the standard details, consultants may request copies of the .dgn files from their NYSDOT Project Managers. (business-center) > Engineering > CADD Info > Drawings > Standard Sheets (US Customary) > 645 Signs: . IN AREAS WHERE A FENCE/BARRICADE USAGE IS PERMITTED THE FENCE/BARRICADE CANNOT OBSTRUCT, RESTRICT OR COMPROMISE THE SIGHT LINES OF PERDESTRIAN/VEHICULAR INTERFACE. Procedures to follow in the event of an emergency or the need to apply for a permit during an embargo period are explained in Section 3.6 Emergency Work and Special Circumstances later in the chapter. The construction of any vault that extends beyond the curb must be authorized under a revocable consent agreement, as required in Section 2-13(c) of the Highway Rules, in addition to approval by PEU. Access the, If the applicant intends to fully close a roadway, a. Fax: (718) 816-9194 These forms may also be found inAppendix B, Forms. 75 Park Place, 9th Floor Office hours: 8:30 AM-4:30 PM, Brooklyn OCCUPY 12 FOOT WIDTH OF ROADWAY. WORK 10AM-3PM TO SET UP WORK AREA INCLUDES SHIFTING MOVING LANE TO CENTER STRIPED AREA AND ESTABLISING WORK ZONE ONCE WORK ZONE ESTABLISHED MAY WORK 24/7 WITHIN WORK ZONE/DRILLING ALL WORK IN ACCORDANCE WITH DRAWING MPT-3 8/28/07. In order to assist the goal of advanced coordination, information about planned NYC DOT projects is available via theDOTMapportal within the NYCityMapwebsite. Appendices to the Street Works Manual provide additional resources, including a list of common permit types and the supporting documentation required for each permit type, reference copies of applications and required forms, contact information for NYC DOT and other agencies and utilities, a list of the stipulations placed on permits under certain conditions and/or at certain locations, and useful internet links by chapter of the Manual. Section 3.5 Other Provisions Pertaining to Permits contains more information on holds. Advance notice and coordination of planned street work is one of the most effective tools for reducing the number of street excavations, especially on streets that are scheduled to be resurfaced or reconstructed. Apply for a parking permit. FULL SIDEWALK CLOSURE ALLOWED FOR SIDE WALKS LESS THAN 15 FT WIDE. Manhattan check-in window hours extended to 3:30pm for Bronx work only. Applicants must first submit an Emergency Authorization Number Form. New York, NY 10007-1216 Capital Project In-House (CPI) hold A CPI hold is automatically placed if the proposed permit location involves a street that will be resurfaced by a NYC DOT in-house resurfacing operation in the near future. To this end, the Street Works Manual is a resource for all parties that perform work in New York City streets, from utilities and contractors installing, replacing and repairing underground infrastructure to developers replacing roadways and sidewalks adjacent to building sites and homeowners performing their own sidewalk repairs. WALKWAY IN ROADWAY MAY BE CLOSED 8AM- 4:30PM MON - FRI OPEN ALL OTHER TIMES. (5mb). In some cases, applications and supporting documentation must be submitted in person, however the majority of permit applications may be submitted online. Tel: (212) 788-6600, New York City Landmarks Preservation Commission (LPC) Check each borough in which the applicant expects to work. All public and private actions must comply with all applicable laws, rules, and regulations, not solely those listed below. HIQA inspects work sites for compliance with Title 19 of the NYC Administrative Code, NYC DOT Rules and Regulations, NYC DOT specifications and NYC DOT permit stipulations. NYCStreets system will automatically block an applicant from submission if insurance is not current. (212) 839-8847 Poles (POL) hold A POL hold is automatically placed if the proposed permit work is for the installation of a pole on the sidewalk, which must be reviewed, approved and released by NYC DOT Street Lighting. The Emergency Street Opening Permit Number must be available at the site and presented to any governmental employee upon request. Please note that although permits can be submitted, paid for and printed out 24/7, the permit review process occurs only during normal weekday Permit Office hours. A full sidewalk accommodates both pedestrian traffic and a range of street furnishings and fixtures. ALL WORK MUST BE PREAPPROVED BY LANDMARK PRESERVATION COMMISSION. 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM, Staten Island The Department of Transportation (DOT) maintains and installs New York City parking regulation signs. (212) 748-6670 THIS PERMIT INCLUDES THE OCCUPANCY OF THE ROADWAY AND OR SIDEWALK BY BARRIERS FOR THE PURPOSE OF SAFETY AND PROTECTION SURROUNDING THE OPEN UTILITY COVER WHILE MAINTAINING A SHUNT. WORK 8 AM TO 7 PM MONDAY TO FRIDAY. To this end, this chapter discusses existing mechanisms that help inform utility companies and other potentialstreet excavatorsof impending NYC DOT work, including how to access information on NYC DOT's planned capital projects, weekly street resurfacing schedules, "protected street"*information and other data that can help to facilitate effective communication regarding street work. There is a central Permit Office in Manhattan and borough Permit Offices in each of the other boroughs. CONNECT WITH US. THIS PERMIT BECOMES VOID WHEN THE BUILDING STRUCTURE FIRST FLOOR LEVEL IS COVERED BY A ROOF, SECOND FLOOR OR A SECOND FLOOR SLAB. MAINTAIN ONE 12 FOOT LANE FOR LOCAL AND EMERGENCY ACCESS AT ALL TIMES, PLACE BARRICADES AND POST SIGNS MEETING "FEDERAL MANUAL OF UNIFORM TRAFFIC CONTROL DEVICES (MUTCD)" STANDARDS STATING "ROAD CLOSED TO THROUGH TRAFFIC", MAINTAIN 2 LANES FOR TRAFFIC, 1 LANE IN EACH DIRECTION, MAINTAIN 4 LANES FOR TRAFFIC, 2 LANES IN EACH DIRECTION. A BIKE SHARE STATION IS/WILL BE LOCATED ON THIS STREET. Payment of the waiver request fee, as specified in the Highway Rules, Section 2-03, does not guarantee that approval to work during the embargo period will be granted. Special Treatment Projects (STP) hold Any permits issued to work in areas that have a special treatment such as Times Square, Madison Square, Herald Square and other pedestrian plaza areas are automatically placed on hold. (718) 391-1958 These include: Certain circumstances are considered to be emergencies, meaning situations that endanger the public safety or cause or are likely to cause the imminent interruption of service. First, the applicant must obtain authorization from the Highway Inspection and Quality Assurance (HIQA) unit for the placement of the canopy at the proposed location. CONTINUED: (II) FIFTEEN FEET OF HYDRANTS (III) A CROSSWALK OR PEDESTRIAN RAMP, NOR SHALL IT BE STORED OR PLACED IN ANY MANNER AS TO OBSTRUCT ANY CROSSWALK OR PEDESTRIAN RAMP. NYC DOT's mission is to provide for the safe, efficient and environmentally responsible movement of pedestrians, goods, bicycles and vehicular traffic on the streets of the city of New York. DOTMap also features a protected streets layer, enabling utilities and other potential street excavators to view which streets are protected and for what period of time. This list is provided as a reference tool, for informational purposes only, and is not an exhaustive list. The Highway Rules, Section 2-02(k) contains additional information. WHEN THE LANDSCAPE IS WITHIN THE RIGHT OF WAY OF A LIMITED-ACCESS ARTERIAL HIGHWAY, WRITTEN APPROVAL FROM THE NYCDOT OCMC- HIGHWAYS IS REQUIRED.WHEN THE LANDSCAPE IS WITHIN THE RIGHT OF WAY OF A PUBLIC. Questions regarding permit registration can be directed to the central Permit Office. More specific information on each permit type, including application procedures and fee structures are described in greater detail in Section 3.3 The Permit Application Process of this chapter. The Highway Rules, Section 2-07(c) (4) contains additional information. Share long-term capital plans for planned repairs, upgrades and new These applications can be submitted online using NYCStreets. OR PUBLIC PARK WRITTEN APPROVAL FROM CITY OF NEW YORK PARKS AND RECREATION IS REQUIRED. Staten Island NY 10301 New York, NY 10013 To this end, NYC DOT has dedicated time and resources to enhance its own systems and coordination efforts. THIS PERMIT REQUIRED AN ODV PERMIT WHICH MUST BE IN THE VEHICLE FOR INSPECTION BY A POLICE OFFICER AND OR AUTHORIZED GOVERNMENTAL EMPLOYEE UPON REQUEST. ISSUED. Following are the steps for permit application, review and issuance at the borough Permit Offices: There are borough permit offices in Brooklyn, the Bronx, Queens and Staten Island. The Glossary and definitions found in this Manual provide a brief explanation of NYC DOT terminology. Standard Drawings are not currently available for download from the shaded states. For further information, call (212) 839-9435. MAY STORE TOOL CART IN PARKING LANE DURING NON-WORKING HOURS. SECTION 24-224 ADMINISTRATIVE CODE VARIANCE GRANTED FOR HOURS AND DAYS STIPULATED HEREIN. MAINTAIN 5' SIDEWALK AT ALL TIMES. FULL CURB LANE RESTORATION WOULD BE REQUIRED FOR 8' WIDTH OF CURB LANE AND THE LENGTH OF ALL CUTS PLUS ANY LL14 CUTBACKS. If work is planned through the HE period, the critical reasons for the work must be included in the Work Description field of the application. Please visit the Manhattan Office, located at 55 Water Street. Tel: (718) 482-4825. FIXED SIGN MUST BE REMOVED UPON COMPLETION OF THE APPROVED CLOSURE. Listed in the table are the most commonly requested Building Operations/Construction Activity Permit types, which may be used when completing an application. Re-Dig (RED) hold In cases where an inspection has revealed a failed restoration and permittees have been told to redo the entire restoration, a RED hold will be placed. While the situation is evolving, the agency remains committed to applying the principles and proven treatments included in the Street Design Manual to support the health and safety of all New Yorkers. CPO holds will typically be released by DDC if the proposed work does not interfere with its schedule. OCMC imposes construction embargoes* for significant special events including the New York City Marathon, parades, high profile projects and for the winter holiday season. SECTION 24-224 ADMINISTRATIVE CODE VARIANCE GRANTED FOR HOURS AND DAYS STIPULATED HEREIN. THE TRAFFIC STIPULATIONS ON THIS PERMIT DO NOT GO INTO EFFECT AS LONG AS THE CONTRACTOR CONTINUES TO WORK NON-STOP, AROUND THE CLOCK, TO CORRECT THE EMERGENCY SITUATION. Foundation MaterialWhen replacing a concrete sidewalk, the foundation material may be retained and graded to the required subgrade. From a block party, which opens a single block to community activities for a day, to Summer Streets, which dedicates over 7 miles of streets to pedestrians, runners, and cyclists, programming reminds New Yorkers that streets are public space, and should support active, healthy, and sustainable lifestyles. Upon a satisfactory inspection, the hold(s) will be released. Outlined below are the basic application procedures for Sidewalk Construction Permits. Information on restoration requirements following street openings/excavations can be found inChapter 4 Executing Work in the Street. THIS PERMIT IS BEING ISSUED WITH UNDERSTANDING THAT THE PERMITTEE IS RESPONSIBLE FOR BLOCK SEGMENT CURB TO CURB RESTORATION AS AGREED TO WITH THE BOROUGH ASHO'S OFFICE. IF WORK IMPACTS ON THE BENCH, THE PERMITTEE MUST CONTACT NYC DOT AT 212-839-6569 OR VIA EMAIL AT, IF WORK IS AFFECTING A BIKE ROUTE/LANE, CONTRACTOR MUST POST ADVANCE WARNING SIGNS 350' & 200' PRIOR TO WORK ZONE "CONSTRUCTION IN BIKE LANE AHEAD PROCEED WITH CAUTION" AND ALSO POST SIGN AT WORK ZONE "CONSTRUCTION IN BIKE LANE,PROCEED WITH CAUTION". Building Operations/Construction Activity Permits are designated as the "02" permit series, meaning all permits in this category begin with "02". SUCH SIGNS SHALL BE ORANGE,3'X3',DIAMOND SHAPE,WITH 4" BLACK LETTERING. 55 Water Street, Concourse Level 16 Court Street, 15th floor serviceInformation on long-term capital programs from potential street excavators helps NYC DOT to effectively coordinate planned street work. Different from DOB, DOT plans requires 600 PSF live loads on all sidewalk doors, gratings, covers and vault structures. Click here for a list of current construction embargoes. Click here to access theHighway Rules. MAY WORK 7AM TO 8PM IN PARKING LANE ONLY TO OPEN UNDERGROUND STREET ACCESS COVERS FOR REPAIRS AND OR CABLE PULLS. 22 Reade Street RESTORATION OF ROADWAY WHICH HAS GREEN COLORED BIKE LANE MARKING MUST BE RESTORED AS FOLLOWS: FOUR COATS OF GREEN # 105953 RIDE-A-WAY COATING MATER'L MFG'D BY FLINT TRADING INC OR EQUIVALENT. Markets, public art, performances, and other events support a vital public realm, increasing pedestrian activity;supporting local businesses;connecting residents with resources;celebrating community, culture, and diversity;and encouraging local ownership of the public spaces in which they occur. Kew Gardens, NY 11424 Atransformer vaultis a subsurface structure or room that houses electrical transformers and appurtenant equipment. For conditions that need immediate attention from the permittee, NYC DOT may issue Priority CARs [AKA Notices of Immediate Corrective Action (NICAs)]. REQUIRES BUREAU OF BRIDGES APPROVAL PRIOR TO WORK. MeetingsRegular coordination meetings allow decision makers to share information and to discuss project difficulties and constraints. Any foundation material not meeting specifications must be removed. APPLICANT INFORMATION (SOLE PROPRIETORSHIP). Coordination aims to reduce street excavation work on recently repaved streets. A statement of the basic construction details including type, description and color of the canopy covering; type, diameter and gauge of all supporting members; description of the frame, wind bracing assembly and sidewalk and building fastenings; description of proposed lettering on the canopy covering including exact wording and dimensions thereof; three 5 inch by 7 inch photographs of the proposed site. NYC DOT registers permittees, and coordinates and issues permits for construction-related activity on streets. DOB approval is also required. The CGL policy should provide coverage in the amount of no less than $1 million combined single limit per occurrence, except for applications for permits to place a crane on a street, which requires $3 million combined single limit per occurrence. NYC DOT may revoke or refuse to renew a permit for any of the reasons listed below. ozark outdoors riverfront resort,

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